Links: Some things I enjoy.

Electronic Poetry Center. Incredible bottomless collection of contemporary poetry and poetics resources, documents, links.

PennSound. Audio archives. Awesome.

OpenCulture. Excellent cultural and archival news and knowledge.

The Howling Fantods. Website for all things David Foster Wallace on the web and beyond.

Harry Ransom Center. In Austin, TX lie most of the archival materials you could ever need from the 20th century. And it has the largest air conditioning unit in America (the world?).

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Excellent resource for overviews of different philosophers and topics. Completely volunteer-staffed. (I've just become a copyeditor for them!)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Another excellent resource.

Walter Benjamin online portal. Surprisingly non-monadic in layout.ttw

Library of Congress Online. Take a break from reading and plunge into the archive.

Folding @ home. Proteins are kind of cool. So is distributed computing. If you think about it, books are kind of like proteins: as they're being built in your head they start to manifest all sorts of internal and external attractions and repulsions, and then they fold in on themselves, and it's all tremendously complex.

The Verge. Keep up with all the emergent technological practices and the structures of feeling they inaugurate.