If only like David Foster Wallace (the character, in The Pale King), or like Slothrop, I had disappeared into the system which finally decided to consume me. But no, a simple email signature is not enough to melt my borders into the larger borg. Since last time, I have been reading a lot (D. A. Miller, Adorno, Marjorie Boulton, John Barth, Tennessee Williams, and more) as well as writing and submitting. I submitted - for the first time, and finally - a piece to a journal. I ought to have done this quite a while ago. Now, the publication bug has bitten me, and I've been reviewing older pieces that I want to revise and send out. It's delightful and fun (for now of course!).

I've also been building a bibliography of articles and books in Wallace studies. By now a lot has been published, and ever more. Once the bib is done, I'll share it here.

Happy May Day, International Workers' Day, springtime, sunshine, revolt of the people, blooming of the flowers.