ISSN 2015

The movements of life are nigh ungraspable - too slow, too fast, too intense, incoherent in the moment. But once in a while a happening fills you with such a plenitude that this becomes obscenely the Narrative conference this year in Chicago, which was probably the best academic conference I've been to so far: it's a rare but wonderful feeling when you know where you belong, feel as if you're really part of a community of ideas, and people get along so well that acquaintance slides so quickly into friendship. New ideas, new people, all this energy filling a small spot in Chicago: an impossible density of stimulation and fun. 

As Paul Dawson quoted Dorrit Cohn in the "Defining the Limits of Narrative Theory" panel,  ‚ÄúLife tells us that we cannot tell it while we live it or live it while we tell it. Live now, tell later." What a problem for narrating one's life! This sets up all sorts of interesting potentials for thinking about composition-over-time (and for the diary as a form), but it also just assures me that composition needs to be understood just as much in terms of negation as invention (following Blanchot, contra the resurgence of invention in the fictionality panels). 

But because this is so true, I have to negate this jotting, because we are moving into a new apartment and I have to go pack up. More reflections on ISSN and current reading yet to come--