Blogs are dangerous things

...because they make visible all the spurts and failings of commitment and [misguided?] energy. But I may from time to time post some semi-developed thoughts about books that I'm reading, if there's time (exam reading and notes, plus copyediting and other Project Narrative things take up roughly...all of my time). So this will just be an occasional place for me to say something that won't fit on Twitter, which is most things. Not even a full sentence of Raymond Williams or DFW will fit on Twitter. It's a tragic fact indeed.

Not to mention the fact that the word "blog" is nigh-intolerable. But what should I call this? My jottings? Let's just end here with the OED's turn-of-the-century exemplary quotation for blog (v):

2000   Whole Earth Winter 54/1   To blog is to be part of a community of smart, tech-savvy people who want to be on the forefront of a new literary undertaking.

On the forefront of a new literary undertaking. I can deal with that.